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Waiting for dealflow

LPs aren't backing away from the UK just yet, but the uncertainty as the country moves towards Brexit could help dealflow.

Brexit: how has it affected your business so far?

With the UK set to trigger the formal process to leave the EU on Wednesday, take our two-minute survey and tell us how the referendum has affected your operations over the last nine months.

UK regulator demands clarity on Brexit

A global set of financial standards and a transitional system to facilitate adaptation to post-Brexit rules were among the suggestions put forward by Financial Conduct Authority heavyweights.

Brexit passport loss not critical for AIFs

UK trade minister Mark Garnier said on Wednesday the UK is likely to lose its financial passporting rights as a result of Brexit, but research suggests the alternatives industry would be relatively unscathed.

Three Brexit considerations for fundraising GPs

UK private equity firms in fundraising mode should expect investors to quiz them on the potential impact of Brexit on their structure, investment strategy and returns, lawyers say.

Finding value in ‘off the beaten path’ infra secondaries

Avoiding the crowded core is key to finding value in an asset class that is growing explosively, according to Pantheon's Andrea Echberg.

EU investors to bear the brunt of Brexit

If a fund’s main investor base is in the UK, products may be re-domiciled to the UK and become unavailable to European investors, according to MUFG Investor Services' COO.

Summer reading

Record levels of dry powder, macroeconomic headwinds and political uncertainty; advisory firms’ mid-year reports make for interesting reading.

Coller: Brexit will lead to lower asset valuations

Brexit has added a 'layer of uncertainty' to what was an otherwise encouraging economic picture, according to Jeremy Coller.

Partners: Brexit will adversely affect RE

Demand for residential and commercial real estate in the UK may suffer as a result of Brexit, affecting capital appreciation and rental incomes, according to the firm.