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The VC secondaries market is booming but buyers should beware entering a booming market at a time of sweeping change.
Mike Custar and Jake Stuiver of White Plains-based secondaries advisory M2O discuss the return of the LP market as a counterweight to GP-led deals.
The $81bn sovereign wealth fund is considering hiring an adviser to feel out pricing in the secondaries market, CIO Marcus Frampton said on Tuesday.
Buyers have become more selective and have emphasised the importance of alignment in GP-led deals, according to the advisory firm's latest survey.
The investment firm's president has said it is evaluating opportunities for holding on to existing portfolio companies for longer.
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Here are five things to know about the state of the market for when you return to the office after your much deserved mid-year break.
More than 90% of GP-led transactions priced at a 5% discount or better compared with only 32% of LP-led transactions, Campbell Lutyens reports.
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The White Plains-based advisory found in its survey that secondaries has become a strong seller's market.
Growth, VC and distressed funds have had significant shrinkages in discounts to NAV, according to Setter Capital's latest pricing report.
Costs have remained stable in the secondaries market, and using data to price portfolios could make them cheaper, writes RockSling Analytics' Harry Vander Elst.

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