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Infra secondaries: pricing, sourcing and due diligence

Partners Group's Dmitriy Antropov discusses the strength of asset pricing, the best ways to source deals and the skill set required for due diligence in this third extract from The Secondaries Market.

Using SPVs for portfolio rebalancing and pricing discounts

Special Purpose Vehicle structures can be useful tools for secondaries transactions, according to Shawn Schestag, managing director at Sixpoint Partners.

Scoring sentiment: Rede’s Zafir on aged primaries and liquidity

Secondaries Investor recently caught up with Yaron Zafir, head of secondaries at London-headquartered Rede Partners, about the findings of the advisory firm's liquidity report and the increase of aged primaries deals.

Acquisition debt in secondaries

In this first part of their chapter from The Secondaries Market, executives from Lloyds Bank discuss the coming of age of debt in secondaries transactions.

Tearing down the house

Of keen interest to everyone in private equity: the SEC’s focus is likely to switch from implementing the Dodd-Frank Act to unravelling it.

The 10 commandments of tender offers

Jedd Wider and Joseph Zargari of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius lay out the potential pitfalls in a process that is more complex than it may seem.

Yann Robard’s five predictions for 2017

The Whitehorse Liquidity Partners managing partner and former head of secondaries and co-investments at Canada Pension Plan Investment Board gives us his predictions for how the secondaries market looks in 2017.

GP-led restructurings: options, waivers and fairness opinions

In the first part of our series on GP-led restructurings, KWM's Gabriel Boghossian laid out what should happen at the beginning of the process. Now he takes us through the stages immediately before a deal.

Managing conflicts in GP-led restructurings: the lawyer’s take

Gabriel Boghossian, who leads secondaries at King and Wood Mallesons, discusses what full disclosure in GP-led deals means and what to watch out for when testing the market.

Sophistication and specialisation in secondaries

While secondaries deals are at their core simply trades, buyers have become more specialised, and advisors too have become more selective about the areas they compete in, according to Sixpoint Partners' Shawn Schestag.