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Thought leadership from the secondaries sector’s leading voices including legal experts, industry veterans, asset class specialists (from real estate to private equity) and academics.

Using SPVs for portfolio rebalancing and pricing discounts

Special Purpose Vehicle structures can be useful tools for secondaries transactions, according to Shawn Schestag, managing director at Sixpoint Partners.

Waiting for the boom

GP-led transactions are often predicted to be the next big thing, but that part of the market has remained stagnant. What needs to happen for that to change?

Scoring sentiment: Rede’s Zafir on aged primaries and liquidity

Secondaries Investor recently caught up with Yaron Zafir, head of secondaries at London-headquartered Rede Partners, about the findings of the advisory firm's liquidity report and the increase of aged primaries deals.

A boost from a brand name

Why a healthy fund of funds would be sold to an asset manager.

An engulfing deal

The biggest-ever private equity stapled deal is another example of the secondaries market’s innovation and creativity.

Preferred by specialists

The growth of preferred equity is an exciting market development. Are traditional secondaries players likely to get in on the action?

Pantheon’s Albert and BearTooth’s Brown on restructurings

The veteran fundraisers discuss the impact that fund restructurings will have on firms when they seek to raise new funds.

What will the next downturn mean for secondaries?

Five secondaries market participants gathered in New York at the end of March to discuss the current state of the industry and how the next economic downturn will impact the strategy.

AlpInvest’s Moerel on GP-leds, energy and Asia

Wouter Moerel, the firm's head of secondaries, tells Secondaries Investor about how the Carlyle unit's investor base has evolved with its latest $6.5bn programme and its investment strategy.

Waiting for dealflow

LPs aren't backing away from the UK just yet, but the uncertainty as the country moves towards Brexit could help dealflow.