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GPs should be aware of right of first refusal clauses and PTP issues when processing transfer requests from LPs brought about by the covid-19 crisis.
life saver, rescue
The GP-led secondaries market has long touted itself as a creative panacea for managers and LPs; in this challenging period it’s time to step up to the plate.
black swan
The economic shock caused by coronavirus is already filtering down into the asset class.
RMB to dollar restructurings
Secondaries firms with local knowledge and an appetite for bureaucracy could reap the rewards.
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Investec Fund Finance’s Slade Spalding discusses options GPs have when raising or releasing equity against their management companies, in this sponsored article.
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Secondaries recruiters are having to think creatively to fill advisory side positions in a market where talented and suitable candidates aren’t immediately obvious.
We continue the conversation around credit secondaries with reflections on why the strategy may struggle to establish itself.
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The preferred equity specialist's founder Pierre-Antoine de Selancy discusses what finance is available after a vehicle's investment period in this sponsored Q&A.
Private debt is behind other alternative asset classes when it comes to secondary activity and opinions differ as to when it’s worth taking seriously.

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