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Thought leadership from the secondaries sector’s leading voices including legal experts, industry veterans, asset class specialists (from real estate to private equity) and academics.

A new dawn for securitisations

Temasek’s upcoming Astrea IV deal could herald a way for retail investors to access private equity in earnest.

Let the games begin

Submissions for sister publication Private Equity International’s annual industry awards begin next week, including 12 categories for secondaries.

Record secondaries market is still only a fraction of its potential

Intermediary PEFOX's Kishore Kansal explains how the wall of capital may have turned into the market's most significant limiting factor, hindering its full potential.

Fund restructuring: a source of friction

The fact that Apax Partners shelved plans for its GP-led secondaries process shows that LPs desire a genuine 'do nothing' option.

Children of the revolution

As the secondaries market continues to drive change in the world of private capital, there are lessons to be learned, according to panellists at the BVCA’s annual conference.

Lex on fire

Lexington Partners has inked a series of high-profile deals recently and its return to market may be just around the corner.

Challenges and opportunities in European direct secondaries

Cipio Partners' Roland Dennert discusses the kind of deals he is seeing, the problem with unicorns and how a maturing tech industry is likely to mean larger funds in future.

What returns on agri secondaries?

Sister publication Agri Investor spoke to Stafford Capital Partners' Bernd Schanzenbaecher to find out more about the firm’s agriculture strategy days after it made its first investment in the asset class.

All eyes on Apax and Nordic

The success or failure of two significant GP-led processes will have widespread consequences for the secondaries market.

Landmark’s 2017 predictions

Ian Charles, a partner on Landmark Partners’ private equity team and Jamie Sunday, a partner on the firm’s real estate team, discuss the market's challenges and their predictions for the rest of 2017