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Our in-house take on what news, trends and developments affecting the secondaries market means to its different participants. In these weekly commentaries we stir discussion and prompt debate as well as comment on issues important to market participants in a lively and thought-provoking way.

While secondaries activity shows no signs of slowing, LPs and GPs need to get on the same page about how to smooth out this process for institutional investors going forward.
Secondaries fundraising figures for 2021 came in more than $35bn shy of the prior year, but they were more impressive than they seem.
LPs should be aware that buyers often mark up assets to par on day one, even if they are acquired at a discount.
family office
Family offices continue to make up a small percentage of sellers in the secondaries market, though the GP-led market is forcing them to think about their portfolios in a new way.
tarot cards, fortune, future, prediction, magic, candles, crystal ball
Everyone loves a prediction; here are what key market participants think are likely to define the secondaries market in the coming year.
The subject of secondaries came up frequently at PEI’s Women in Private Markets Summit, held in the first week of December. Here are some of the issues that are top of mind.
The lack of broader acceptance from LPs is preventing buyers from fully tapping the single-asset market.
At a time when concentrated deals are all the rage, small primary fund commitments can offer necessary diversification benefits.
Five advisory heavyweights discussed the state of the secondaries market at an event held by the law firm this month in New York. Here’s what they said.
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Let us know your highlights from the past year in what will be the 20th year of affiliate title Private Equity International’s PEI Awards.

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