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Our in-house take on what news, trends and developments affecting the secondaries market means to its different participants. In these weekly commentaries we stir discussion and prompt debate as well as comment on issues important to market participants in a lively and thought-provoking way.

Hot Fiery Sun, solar
The acquisition is at least the fourth this year by a large firm looking to get in on a rapidly expanding market.
The Wind Point deal marks the first wave of continuation fund deals on continuation funds. Sponsors must have a doubly compelling case the second time around.
Top 5 fundraises
Private equity, and secondaries especially, is a people business, so it’s no surprise to see what has drawn the most sets of eyeballs during the first half of the year.
stars, ranking, growth
The secondaries market is growing and this ranking of the biggest fundraisers is growing with it.
trust, parcel, baton
Secondaries Investor’s map of the largest continuation funds mirrors the evolution of the technology, from a tool for distressed GPs to a customisable model for a range of situations.
Eight of the top 20 largest firms in the PEI 300 already manage secondaries funds or are working on the strategy.
While smaller buyers are finding innovative ways to back covid-impacted assets, the flight to quality continues at the larger end.
Ancient Greek art myth legend
Research has found that secondaries may not be the J-curve mitigator it’s often touted to be. Does it matter?
The need for transparency, always a vital aspect of executing a GP-led deal, takes on greater significance when external M&A buyers express interest in picking off choice assets.
The astronomic rise of single-asset deals, GP stakes and the increasingly blurred line between M&A and secondaries were among the topics under discussion.

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