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Cari Lodge, managing director
Despite the shift to newer vintages, early distributions and higher IRRs remain important to secondaries investors, said managing director Cari Lodge.
As Brazilian pensions finish divesting their private assets, buyers hope a primary investing boom will have positive implications for the secondaries market.
Secondaries firms get a ‘helicopter view’ and the market is unpredictable, Coller’s head of ESG tells affiliate publication New Private Markets.
merger and acquisition business concept, join puzzle 3d
The partnership will see secondaries market veterans and former Coller Capital investment professionals Sebastien Burdel and Luca Salvato join in London and New York, respectively.
Evoco has raised €162m to acquire portfolios of companies in the European lower-mid-market, with a particular focus on German-speaking countries.
Secondaries for sale private equity business mergers acquisitions M&A
Few secondaries firms remain independent after a glut of M&A transactions this year.
Marathon Runners close up legs and shoes
The Carlyle Group unit has led a process in the latest example of a sponsor using continuation fund technology for the first time.
GP-led secondaries, especially single-asset deals like Belron, have driven the market to what is expected to be record volume levels this year.
Secondaries buyers may find themselves on the hook for sellers’ liabilities. They should look to protect themselves, says Angus Marshall of CFC Underwriting.
The vehicle will focus on preferred equity, NAV-based lending and have a pocket to make secondaries investments with sub-private-equity return profiles.

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