Most private equity firms oppose Brexit

A survey by fund administrator Augentius found that 85% of European and 81% of US private equity and real estate firms want Britain to remain in the EU.

Most private equity and real estate firms in Europe, the US and Asia oppose Brexit – the UK leaving the European Union – according to a survey by fund administrator Augentius.

Augentius surveyed more than 200 firms in private equity and real estate, and found that support for the UK to remain in the EU is the strongest among European firms, at 85 percent. The next biggest support for staying in the EU came from the US, where 81 percent of those surveyed picked “Remain”.

In the UK itself, 73 percent of firms oppose Brexit, significantly higher than the approximately 47 percent of the UK population that opposite it. According to Augentius, this suggests the UK’s membership in the EU is more beneficial to firms in Europe and the US than for the UK firms.

In Asia, just 60 percent of firms chose “Remain”.

Understandably, more firms in the UK said the outcome of the Brexit referendum, set for 23 June, is important or very important than those in Europe, the US or Asia.

Over 35 percent of the UK firms said the outcome is “important,” while over 30 percent said it is “vera important.” By contrast, over a quarter of Asian firms said the outcome is “not important at all”.

Augentius conducted the survey online between 16 and 23 May.