Si30: US dominates in secondaries fundraising

Secondaries firms with headquarters in the US accounted for the majority of capital raised since 2011, according to the Si30 ranking.

Secondaries is an increasingly global business, with firms opening offices in Asia-Pacific and Latin America to expand their fundraising and deal sourcing operations.

Nevertheless, the majority of firms that made our Si30 ranking are US-headquartered, with 18 of the top 30 fundraisers based there. Between them, these firm have amassed more than half of the $164.9 billion raised since 2011 by managers in the list.

UK-based managers accounted for almost 11 percent of fundraising, with Coller Capital leading the charge at $12.6 billion. In light of the Brexit vote, UK managers will find attracting capital from international limited partners more challenging, according to Sunaina Sinha, a partner at London-based placement agent and secondaries advisory firm Cebile Capital.

“In the near term, if you’re a UK GP out on the road, you’re going to have a harder time convincing international LPs to invest in the UK market,” Sinha told Secondaries Investor. “They don’t know what is happening in the UK economy right now and consequently what is being priced into deals. If you’re a UK-based GP my advice would be to court UK-based investors because they will be more familiar with the UK market.”

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