SI Decade: Why specialised secondaries are poised for growth

For the Decade of Secondaries Investing podcast miniseries, industry veterans Jeremy Coller and Yann Robard sit down with senior editor Adam Le to discuss the proliferation of non-traditional strategies and how this will fuel the industry's growth.

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Specialised secondaries strategies are becoming an increasingly important part of the market. According to data compiled by Secondaries Investor, 85 percent of the capital raised by secondaries funds in final closes last year was for private equity strategies; the remainder of this was for non-PE strategies, and the year before that more than one-third of capital raised was for non-PE strategies.

There is also increasing specialisation within private equity secondaries, as firms including Lexington Partners, Strategic Partners, AlpInvest Partners and LGT Capital Partners carve out teams to focus on single-asset continuation funds.

In episode seven of the Decade of Secondaries Investing miniseries, senior editor Adam Le sits down with Jeremy Coller, chief investment officer and managing partner at Coller Capital, and Yann Robard, managing partner at Dawson Partners, to discuss how far the asset class has come in terms of specialisation and cross-asset-class appeal.

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