Reader poll: large portfolio sales to dominate

Large auctions and restructurings are expected to provide the bulk of dealflow this year, according to a reader’s poll.

Sales of large portfolios of fund interests are expected to be the most common type of transactions in 2014, according to a reader poll conducted last week by Secondaries Investor.

Nearly half of respondents (44 percent) thought large portfolio fund sales the most likely deal type, while over a quarter of voters (26 percent) expected spin-outs and restructurings to take centre stage.

deal pollThat’s in line with Cogent Partners’ estimates that nearly one-quarter of all deal volume in 2013 comprised ‘non-traditional’ deals such as spin-outs, direct secondaries and restructurings, which it said it expected to continue into 2014.

Other readers thought disintermediated single fund interest sales (12 percent) would be the most prevalent this year, while 9 percent of respondents selected direct secondaries and another 9 percent chose ‘other’.