Revelstoke runs second single-asset process for more time with healthcare asset

The deal comes on the back of a single-asset process last year the firm carried out on Upstream Rehabilitation, which Coller Capital invested in.

Single-asset processes, in which a GP moves a single investment out of an older fund and into a continuation vehicle, have become more popular as GPs look to extend ownership over growing businesses.

The expectation is that more GPs will look for opportunities to run such processes on assets trapped in older funds, especially now that exit timelines have been extended out after markets locked down during the pandemic.

Revelstoke Capital Partners, based in Denver, closed a single-asset process on a healthcare asset last year.

Now, the firm has completed its second such deal, moving a company called Fast Pace Urgent Care out of an older fund and into a continuation vehicle for more time to manage the investment, the firm said on Tuesday.

Revelstoke raised $111 million as part of the single-asset process, through which the firm will retain a minority interest in the company. It is unclear which buyer or buyers led the deal as well as who advised on the process.

Revelstoke first invested in Fast Pace in 2016, which was backed by Shore Capital Partners. Fast Pace manages urgent care clinics in rural Tennessee and Kentucky.

Coller Capital led Revelstoke’s single-asset process for Upstream Rehabilitation, which closed after raising around $600 million. PJT Park Hill worked as the secondaries advisor on the Upstream process.

Single-asset deals accounted for 30 percent of GP-led transactions in the first half of this year, up from 20 percent in 2019, according to a first-half secondaries volume report from Evercore. GP-led deals were about 39 percent of an estimated $18 billion total deal volume in the first half, Evercore found.