PODCAST: Jeremy Coller and Nigel Dawn on the future of the secondaries market

The founder of Coller Capital and the head of Evercore's private capital advisory group discuss what's in store for the fastest-growing sub-strategy in alternatives.

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If there are two people who know more about the ins and outs of the secondaries market than most, it’s Jeremy Coller and Nigel Dawn.

The pair were included in affiliate title Private Equity International’s 21 Changemakers list, published this month as part of PEI‘s 21st Anniversary issue. You can read more about all the Changemakers here.

In this discussion, Coller, whose eponymous firm remains one of the most influential buyers in the market, and Dawn, who runs one of the market’s largest advisory firms, discuss the biggest threats to the secondaries market’s growth, why rising interest rates are going to leave some firms with their pants down, and why pricing for secondhand fund stakes can be misleading.