PEFOX launches secondaries pricing library

The advisory firm led by a former Tullett Prebon executive is offering pricing data free of charge to 'demystify' the secondaries market.

PEFOX, a London-based advisory firm, has launched a database that publishes historic and live secondaries pricing with the aim of helping investors manage risk.

The PEFOX Library lists pricing, performance and demand data across traditional, structured secondaries and hedging, as well as market-based estimates of future returns, according to a statement.

“Tens of billions of dollars in commitments from limited partners have been raised for secondaries funds, whose investment strategies largely depend on the inefficiencies of the secondaries market,” Kishore Kansal, managing partner at PEFOX, said in the statement.

“In a market as opaque and inefficient as private equity, it is productive to provide insightful information and innovative solutions that help investors make informed portfolio management decisions.”

The database is offered through two access levels, with basic public access to historic pricing available on the firm’s website. Level 2 access is offered on a subscription basis and includes latest pricing and fund performance data.

According to the basic database, “Advent Global Private Equity VII” had the highest price, with a 10 percent premium to net asset value (NAV), while “Lexington VII” had the lowest price, with a 37 percent discount to NAV. Prices shown on the basic database are at least two quarters out of date.

PEFOX was founded in 2009 and has professionals in London, Berlin and Singapore, according to the statement.