Real estate vs. private equity secondaries fundraising

Secondaries fundraising is booming - but there's a gap between asset classes.

Both private equity- and real estate-focused secondaries fundraising are moving towards record levels this year, though a significant gap between the two remains.

Private equity secondaries funds are on track to raise a record amount of capital since 2008. An aggregate total of $15.62 billion was raised during the first half of the year, compared to the $20.42 billion raised during all of 2013. The most capital during the last seven years was the $21.68 billion raised in 2012.

Source: PEI Research & Analytics

Similarly, real estate secondaries funds raised $1.1 billion during the first half, giving the asset class potential to surpass 2010’s record fundraising levels. Real estate secondaries funds raised $1.9 billion that year, but fundraising declined to $1.2 billion and $200 million in 2011 and 2012 respectively. No real estate secondaries funds were raised last year, which also boosts this year’s activity.

Source: PEI Research & Analytics