2018 awards: Who stood out in secondaries?

The PEI Awards are hotly anticipated and hotly contested and include 12 secondaries categories. We want to know who you think should be in the running.

Sister publication Private Equity International‘s PEI Awards remain the only honours decided solely by people in the industry, who vote in their thousands.

The shortlists are drawn up in November by our global edit team who canvass the views of colleagues and contacts in the market to find out which firms, funds and deals stood out during the year. We also solicit nominations for the 71 categories.

There are 12 secondaries categories in this year’s awards.

This year we’re getting the ball rolling by asking for your help. Click HERE to remind us of your firm’s achievements in 2018 – the deadline is Friday, 16 November 2018.

Please state the category for which you are submitting.

These reminders are, of course, no guarantee of success – but they help to ensure we have a fully rounded picture as we begin the process of deciding who will appear on our shortlists.

Frequently asked questions

When do I need to submit information?

The deadline for submissions is Friday, 16 November 2018.

How much information should I submit?

We would always advise being as brief as possible. Four bullet points, including relevant data, is more valuable than three sides of text.

What information is useful?

This is an annual awards process, so information relating to your organisation’s activity this year is key. Think about useful metrics: if you are a placement agent or a fund formation lawyer, how many funds have you advised and what capital was raised? Which GPs or LPs have you worked with? If you are GP, how active have you been in terms of exits and investments, what returns have exits generated and have you had some fundraising success?

Avoid: unsupported general statements (“we have had another busy year/we are a leading firm”)

Where do I submit?


Can I submit confidential information?

You can; please mark it strictly confidential. It will then be taken into consideration but not published.

What are the secondaries categories?

Please see the full list below.

Can I submit multiple entries?

Yes. Please create a separate entry for each category entered. If the information supplied is applicable to both categories, then feel free to duplicate elements of the content.

When will we find out if we are shortlisted?

The voting will open in early December, at which point you can see who has been short-listed in each category. Please visit www.privateequityinternational.com and www.secondariesinvestor.com to check.

The secondaries categories in full:


  • Secondaries deal of the year in Europe
  • Secondaries firm of the year in Europe
  • Secondaries advisor of the year in Europe
  • Law firm of the year in Europe (secondaries)


  • Secondaries firm of the year in the Americas
  • Secondaries deal of the year in the Americas
  • Secondaries advisor of the year in the Americas
  • Law firm of the year in North America (secondaries)


  • Secondaries firm of the year in Asia
  • Secondaries deal of the year in Asia
  • Secondaries advisor of the year in Asia
  • Law firm of the year in Asia (secondaries)

CLICK HERE to access the submission form.