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Sceptics says concentrated GP-leds are an expensive way of doing co-investments; the Canadian pension believes the two markets address different risk/reward profiles.
The CalPERS sale is among a slew of traditional LP portfolio sales to hit the market since the fall, with prices high and buyer interest piqued by more diversified investments.
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As the lines between co-investments and secondaries continue to blur, Secondaries Investor presents a light-hearted verse, with apologies to the bard.
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As private equity secondaries become more commonplace, a clear rationale for the value a transaction creates is key.
The above-target close is the culmination of a multi-year rebuilding process at the German asset management giant.
The Parisian secondaries shop is the latest to recognise opportunity in the mid-market in the shadow of secondaries mega-funds.
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The $81bn sovereign wealth fund is considering hiring an adviser to feel out pricing in the secondaries market, CIO Marcus Frampton said on Tuesday.
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The investment firm has committed to a double-down fund that Kibo Ventures will use to co-invest in existing portfolio companies as part of the transaction.
Unlike secondaries deals, mid-life co-investments do not require the creation of a new vehicle or resetting fund economics.
The international law firm has made seven growth hires into the group since December.

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