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University of Michigan endowment's sale is the latest in a series of large divestments by North American institutional investors.
HarbourVest Partners Ireland Limited, which will accommodate investment managers and other functions, is awaiting approval from the Irish regulator.
The firm is expecting to raise around $6.5bn for Dover Street X, including co-investment pockets and SMAs.
ProA Capital's 2009-vintage fund has five remaining assets and net asset value of around €200m.
The firm led a group of investors who bought some of the remaining NAV in Lime Rock's 2006-vintage energy fund.
The average top price for funds of funds has hit 87% of NAV as buyers start to view them as 'high-quality indices', according to Setter Capital.
The use of debt to delay capital calls saw HVPE’s distributions outweigh investments last year.
The fund is targeting primary fund investments, secondaries and direct co-investments in Europe, Asia and emerging markets.
The promotions include two to managing director amid a total 16 appointments at the global investment firm.
Kanji Takenaka will be charged with building a business which accounts for more than 12 blue-chip Japanese investors worth $2bn in AUM.

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