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A four-year low? That's the picture our 2019 fundraising figures, published on Monday, paint about the state of the secondaries market. Dig deeper, though, and all is not what it seems.
Montana Capital Partners
Solaiman Zein's appointment as vice-president follows that of Philip Viergutz, formerly of AlpInvest Partners, as a partner in October.
Labyrinth Capital Partners will focus on non-traditional secondaries deals, Secondaries Investor has learned.
Industry Ventures
The VC secondaries specialist has promoted Ira Simkhovitch and Amir Malayery to managing director.
As AlpInvest Partners seeks $8bn for its latest secondaries programme, we look at the Carlyle Group subsidiary's performance so far.
The Carlyle subsidiary has backed a number of headline deals this year.
The UK private equity giant has grown its exposure to discount retailer Action, whose exiting LPs achieved a gross multiple of 31.3x.
The capital raised for Crown Secondaries Special Opportunities II comes as the firm prepares to return with its fifth flagship vehicle.
Montana Capital Partners
Philip Viergutz will join the Swiss secondaries firm as a partner after 11 years with the Carlyle subsidiary.
Canada's largest insurer is the latest financial institution to enter the secondaries buy side.

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